Update 6.1 released!

13, Apr Mezzo

We just released MRRadToolsINC Version 6.1!

Here is what's in it:

New BCDW and CDW Filler Parts:

  • No collision parts that snap from BCD or CDW parts but can only be snapped to up to 2 other filler parts. You can use this part to seal off your walls if you run against geometry.

Huge Optimization of Mod size:

  • Reduced mod size from 920MB to 560MB through optimized texture settings and destructible meshes.

Bed sleeping function:

  • Up to two people can now sleep in the bed. Sleeping will grant you a buff that lasts as long as you slept(up to 1h) and increases stamina recovery. You have to sleep at least 120 seconds to get the buff.
  • Press E to stop sleeping

Several reworked textures/materials:

  • Gates
  • Stairs
  • Walls


  • Now has correct aim offsets in first person.

  • Fixed Flashlight/Laser Attachment light cone to match in first/third person.
  • Flashlight/Laser Attachment toggle is now SHIFT+N

Fixed several snapping issues

We hope you like it! Check back soon to see a preview of what's coming in the next updates!

If you notice any bugs/issues please report on Steam or through the new Feedback/Bugs Form!

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