Update 6.2 released!

12, May Mezzo

The new update is out!

What's new?

BCDW and CDW Up&Down Parts(Half-height):

  • Half-height version of Up&Down Parts

Flashbang Grenade:

  • Blinding and sound muffling effect on players depending on range/rotation to explosion
  • Dino Effect are not yet included but work in progress(Future Update).

Weathering Effects for Behemoth Structures:

  • Behemoth Structures will build up weathering(moss, snow, sand) over time depending on the biome they are built in.
  • Overridable through Radial Menu Settings. Reset weathering status with the "Clean Structure" option.
  • Disable through INI Setting: DisableBiomeDetail=true
  • Support for custom maps/additional biome mappings through INI Settings(SnowBiomes=,MossBiomes=,SandBiomes=): SnowBiomes=BiomeName1::BiomeName2::BiomeName3

If you notice any bugs/issues please report on Steam or through the new Feedback/Bugs Form!

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