New Content:

  • New CDW Behemoth Gate
  • New Connector Part between CDW and BCDW
  • New CDW Part (Grating)
  • New V83 Skins (Gold, default, ...)


  • Explosive Oilbarrel (if it burn, you can remove the Oil - to stop the fire)
  • Smithy HT is now available with a lower player level.


  • Flashbang fix
  • V83 ini Settings fix
  • Carpet height fix
  • Missing Engrams added
  • Behemoth Floor fix add 2 new versions of it (use the engrams from the inventory to switch)
  • more smaller fixes

With that Update, Mezzo isnt longer a Part/Author of this Mod. He is now pursuing new career opportunities. Thanks for your Support and Help, Mezzo!

If you notice any bugs/issues please report on Steam or through the new Feedback/Bugs Form!

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