Update 6.7 released!

Update 6.7

  • Modsize is now ~ 600 MB
  • ReMesh of the CDW Walls with barbwire (dont touch it!)
  • ReMesh of the Sofa Set
  • ReMesh of the Bed (stage 1)
  • ReMesh of the first Content Pack
  • Better Snapping Points for the CDWs
  • Holosight "Glass" is now more transparent
  • CDW Wall have now Snappings for Ceilings and Foundations
  • Painting and Coloring of the most Structures work now
  • Better Shared Materials System
  • Content Pack 3 Deco is now available!
  • add Snappoints (for ceilings) to the gates
  • New "Secret" Structure (something with a barbwire :D ) cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/MRRadTools/Content_pack_3/Blueprints/PrimalItemStructure_ConPack3_DefWire01.PrimalItemStructure_ConPack3_DefWire01' " 1 0 0
  • smaller fixes
  • new Icons for the CDWs

Known Bugs: (currently unfixable)

  • Gates cant be foundations - need a snapped CDW Wall - important if you want to use the gate ceiling snappings.
  • Gate Painting is also buggy.
  • Painting over Screws&Co make strange paintings - avoid to paint over it!

If you notice any bugs/issues please report on Steam or through the new Feedback/Bugs Form!

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