Update 6.4 is out now!

12, Jul Mezzo

New Weapon Attachment and Skin system(supported by all weapons in MRRadToolsINC):

  • Mount and toggle multiple attachments per weapon
  • Weapon and attachments can be skinned individually
  • Switch fire modes(on weapons that support it)
  • Custom UI elements to manage attachments, skins, ammo and view your weapon stats
  • Attachments: Silencer, Holo Sight, Laser, Flashlight, SFR-100T Scope(2x), SFR-100T Flash/Laser Combo, GAUSS Scope(8x), V83 Shotgun Stock
  • Almost all attachment with multiple skin variants
  • SFR-100T supports: SFR-100T Scope(2x), Silencer, SFR-100T Flash/Laser Combo
  • GAUSS supports: Holo Sight, GAUSS Scope(8x)
  • Added additional GAUSS skin
  • Keybinds:
    • Press N(ToggleAttachment Key): Open Attachment UI
    • Press G: Change Attachment state
    • Hold G + MouseWheel Up/Down: Select Attachment to toggle
    • Press NUM+(Defecate Key): Change Fire Mode

IMPORTANT: The "old" versions of the weapons and attachments are still present. You can exchange them for the new version in our Smithy or High-Tech Smithy!

New Weapon: V83 Shotgun

  • Automatic high-power shotgun
  • Shot and Shock Ammo
  • Support for Silencer, Flashlight, Laser, Holo Sight and Stock(Reduce spread and recoil) Attachment
  • Comes with multiple skin variants


  • Auto Open Feature: Opens and Closes automatically for tribemembers if enabled
  • Ingame(Radial Menu) and INI Settings to set open/close duration for the gates:

    DisableDoorDurationSettings=false   // true disables ingame door settings and enables duration overrides below
    BehemothGateADuration=8             // Behemoth Gate A open/close duration override
    BehemothGateBDuration=10            // Behemoth Gate B open/close duration override
    ConcreteDefenceGateDuration=6       // Concrete Defense Gate open/close duration override

Flashbang now has effect on dinos depending on intensity: drop the current rider and flee for a short duration

New SFR-100T Sounds

New GAUSS Sounds

Added SFR-100T Shell Casing FX

Gauss Charge Meter

Small modsize optimizations

If you notice any bugs/issues please report on Steam or through the new Feedback/Bugs Form!

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